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  • Are you ready to take control of your style?

  • Would you like to be memorable?

  • Are you ready to level up your eyewear fashion?

  • Are you ready to feel empowered & confident?



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You have 30 seconds...
to make a first impression

Your clothing and eyewear speak volumes when your clients walk in your optical dispensary and optometry practice.

People will decide if they like you, how successful you are, your skill set and whether they trust you before you even speak.

55% of credibility is based on what your clients SEE! 

Are you ready to make that first 30 seconds impactful? 

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Invest in Yourself!

  • Express your Personal Image
  • Put Together Your Personal Clothing Style

  • Build your Eyewear Wardrobe 

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You may feel:

  • Unsure of what your style is.

  • Like your style does not reflect who you are.

  • Bored wearing the same glasses every day.

  • Frustrated trying to put outfits together that look great.  

 Are You Ready to Create a Transformation 
 that Reflects Who You Are? 

Discover Your Signature Spec Styles!

  • Style Yourself to Reflect Your Individuality.
  • Accessorize Your Face with Eyewear to Showcase Your Visual Brand.
  • Take Control of Your Style

I would like to feel Empowered & Confident! 

Just $199.97 USD

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You are Worth the Investment! 

Invest in learning your top 2 or 3 Signature Spec Styles and apply that knowledge to create your personal image that reflects your authentic brand.  The 5 Signature Spec Styles brings together your clothing style, accessories and eyewear, of course. 

You have likely spent a fortune driving people to your location, investing in the best signage, website and social platforms. You are front line with your patients and this program invests in you and your style. 

You may be a fashionista already and simply looking for a boost after trying to “Rock the Lab Coat & Mask”.  When you feel great, this confidence shows up in all areas of your life.  

Invest in your personal image!

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Style Yourself to Sell Confidently!

When you look like the Expert Stylist and you are put together with fabulous specs, you immediately build trust with your people before you say a word.  Powerful! 

When you show up in your dispensary or practice as your best self, the boost of confidence is next-level.  The law of attraction through style. 

You will attract more of your ideal clients and this always turns into a more productive and lucrative bottom line. 

Style Yourself and the Revenue will Follow. $199.97 USD

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Wendy Buchanan

A registered optician, image consultant and educator.  Wendy combined her passion for people, love of the image world and her experienced optical training to launch a fun, personalized and one-of-a-kind eyewear styling service in Toronto, Canada. 

Honoured as the Trailblazing Entrepreneur in Canadian optical, she is the creative force behind the 5 Signature Spec Style personalities and the Be Spectacular Eyewear Styling System™.

Wendy collaborates with optometry clinics helping them to step up and stand out as expert eyewear stylists to style multi pairs of glasses to scale their business.  

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